"You can't inflict terror on an animal before you kill it. There's a spiritual element here; you have to do it quickly and carefully. Otherwise the meat is no good. Not enough people learn that.” 

Lander, Wyoming is flanked by a rugged, remote wilderness. People living alongside this mountain range tend to keep to themselves, until you move there too.

Around 8 pm in the summer, everything at Kary and Josh's looks golden. Farms, ranches and residences like theirs stretch for as far as the eye can see. This fact isn't comforting necessarily, its tactical. It'swise to position one's self in a community that allows you to call on your neighbor, grow your own food, and to have the time/ space to plan for whatever gets can throw at you. 

"Maybe you should start a summer camp" I tell them.

"We'd be getting sued left and right” says Kary.

That could be true, based on their unconventional, middle-finger approach to living life. However, these two exemplify what it means to build a life piece by piece with a back-to-the-earth philosophy. That assures me anyone attending their hypothetical summer camp would learn more about thriving by virtue of hands-on skills than they would a lot of other places.