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Madelyn is a brand strategist, account manager and storyteller. She uncovers the essence of a brand through the substantive relationships she establishes with her clients.

It is through Madelyn's empathetic approach that she is able to understand client needs and learn the story behind them. She has a proven ability to excavate truths, implement creative strategies and invigorate brands. 

She is passionate about empowering her team and her clients to reach higher, dig deeper and be leaders in their industry. 

Madelyn brings energy and passion to every project she undertakes, even those outside the expectations of her job description
— Casey Adams - Comm Manager, Wind River Visitors Council
With excellent communication skills and a knack for innovative problem solving, Madelyn turns barriers into stepping-stones to success
— Carly Samudre - Mental Health Counselor
I would highly recommend Madelyn as a brand strategist, and even more so as a trusted advisor
— John Schengber - Founder of Skinny Dipper Magazine
She is creative, thoughtful and puts heart into all that she does. Her success comes from the fact that people are simply drawn to her.
— Taylor Logan- Business Partner at Center for Creative Leadership